333 Johnson Avenue, Morgantown Works

Royalton Capital

Brooklyn, New York

Five years ago the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn was totally off the map even for the most sophisticated New York hipster. think!’s client, Royalton Capital, was able to see the potential of this now resurgent area and secured this 160,000 square foot industrial property strategically located near public transportation and the small nexus of commercial development that was serving as the transformational catalyst for the area. think! worked with Royalton to envision the best uses for the site resulting in a program that combined retail, co-working space and light manufacturing with eating and drinking destinations, where each use created and reinforced the need for the others.

think!’s design envisioned a circulation spine, punctuated by event spaces and retail opportunities, running through the complex as a means of bringing activity into the buildings’ deep floor plate and for linking the entry courtyard on Bogart Street with the eating and drinking hub located off White Street at the extreme opposite end of the buildings. The think! design focused on creating an authentic architectural experience for visitors to the complex derived from the architectural details, artifacts and, sometimes, decay of the existing buildings which span from a nineteenth century abattoir to a mid-twentieth century printing plant – leveraging the existing with clear contrast to the contemporary architectural interventions.