think! is a Brooklyn based architecture firm. Each think! project is unique because no two of our clients are alike. For that reason each of our projects define its own rules so we trust ingenuity more than past solutions because we know that no solution is good twice and every creative solution contributes to the next.


Every day we apply our experience, talents and energies to create buildings and spaces that are just right—buildings that strive to balance all of the inevitable competing project needs, requirements, aspirations, resources and constraints to create elegant solutions that inspire and truly work.


Buildings that are relentlessly extraordinary are exhausting and self-defeating whereas relentlessly ordinary buildings are dull and oppressive. At think! we constantly strive to find just the right balance between the two. Different projects require different balances, but every project needs some of each.


think! projects strive to find the fine balance between the ordinary and the extraordinary. When in balance they reinforce and help define each other. When the ordinary and the extraordinary are in balance  both are made better by the comparison. Different projects require different balances but every project needs some of each.


We have found that projects that only fulfill our clients’ needs without addressing their wants leaves them exhausted from the process and dissatisfied with the result. At think! we create a balance between needs and wants by obliterating the distinction between the two—needs satisfied creatively and wants delivered practically.


We strive to design buildings that express our clients’ individuality but which also carefully consider their impact on their neighbors, the street and their community. Some buildings should stand out, others should step back a bit, most are a mixture of both—finding the fine line between the two is an essential ingredient of a quality design.


Building without ambition is like sleeping without dreaming, you get through the night but you are not renewed and reality conspires against ambition in countless ways. Creativity and commitment are the qualities that turn constraints into opportunities and restrictions into possibilities. These are the qualities that we bring to every one of our projects.